HGH Human Growth Hormone Benefits: This is Peter’s Story

 Finding the HGH Human Growth Hormone Best Benefits

Not all HGH Human Growth Hormone drugs are created equally. Some are of a far superior quality than others and the proof is in the results that people using HGH Human Growth Hormone are experiencing.
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53-Year-Old strikes out with Bunk HGH Human Growth Hormone – Then finds Perfect Brand and experiences Amazing Transformation

HGHYou’ve probably heard about celebrities and athletes who are using HGH Human Growth Hormone to transform their physique rapidly and slow down aging. But what about an HGH human growth hormone success story involving an average Joe? Just two days ago, I heard how a man named Peter Haug dramatically transformed his physique and life using HGH human growth hormone. Peter is no celebrity or professional athlete, but rather an aerospace safety and security instructor in the military. And the 53-year-old has inspired me to do a 3-part series on how normal guysboth young and old—have completely changed their lives for the better with growth hormone. That said, read Peter’s fascinating story below and stay tuned for my next couple emails on real-life experiences from HGH human growth hormone users.

Peter Haug had a Seriously Low IGF-1 Level

One critical function of HGH human growth hormone is that it travels to your liver and induces the release of Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1). And no matter whether you’re a serious bodybuilder or just somebody who’s trying to stay in shape, IGF-1 is very important to your goals. When IGF-1 is secreted from the liver, it stimulates protein synthesis, encourages amino acid uptake and boosts nitrogen retention in the muscles. Additionally, this hormone aids in bone and cartilage repair and helps prevent carbs from becoming stored fat. Unfortunately for Peter, he wasn’t fully experiencing all these benefits because his IGF-1 level was extremely low. The normal IGF-1 level for a 53-year-old man is between 90 and 200 ng/mL; Peter’s was only at 20 ng/mL. Given this, his doctor prescribed HGH human growth hormone to help him lose body fat, gain muscle, maintain bone strength and have better overall health. Peter’s MD also thought that growth hormone would help him keep up with his demanding career, which includes plenty of international travel.

What were Peter’s Results?

Since taking HGH, Mr. Haug’s latest test showed that his IGF-1 level had skyrocketed from 20 to 498 ng/mL. He has since experienced tremendous lean muscle gains, fat loss, increased strength and vastly improved health. Beyond this, Peter has far more energy to work out on a consistent basis—despite his very busy career. His current workout consists of 30-45 minutes, one muscle group per day, three exercises per muscle group. When combining HGH with consistent weight training, he’s been able to build an enviable physique at an age when many guys are just happy not to have huge man boobs.

HGH human growth hormone For Peter’s privacy, we have cropped out his face.

Warning: do Your Research before buying HGH Human Growth Hormone

As you can see from Peter Haug’s story, growth hormone can certainly help you change your life. But on the other hand, it’s also important to be very careful about which product you use. You see, Peter actually tried three different brands before finally discovering that one that worked for him. The first one worked great but was too expensive. The second brand started good, but then eventually stopped providing noticeable results. The third HGH brand was completely fake, something that Peter found out through a blood test. Finally, the fourth brand was reasonably priced, and it worked perfectly. In fact, it worked so well that Peter lowered his daily dosage from 5IU to 3IU because he felt his IGF-1 level of 498 ng/mL was too high! Click Here to find out which HGH brand worked for Peter. Long story short, not all HGH is created equally. So if you want to experience the incredible results that Peter did, then I strongly suggest that you do some research beforehand. Also, check out Juvetrope, one of the highest-quality HGH supplements on the market, today. Be sure to watch your inbox over the next few days, as I bring you two more stories of guys who’ve attained the physique and health that they’ve always wanted through growth hormone. You won’t believe what these guys look like after just weeks of using HGH!! What are your thoughts on HGH? Click Here to discuss your HGH stories on the EliteFitness forums. If you are ready to make HGH a regular part of your workout routine, you can find the best HGH for sale, here!
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